The Survival Polish course is dedicated to foreign students not familiar with Polish who are going to start studying in Poland or want to get to know basic Polish. The aim of the course is in receptive skills in particular. Students will learn to understand simple everyday Polish in written and spoken form (e.g. signs, advertisements, announcements) and produce very simple everyday phrases in everyday situations (e.g. greetings). The course will introduce some basic facts about Polish language and its characteristics and provide simple strategies to help students to learn more Polish, to understand basic vocabulary and simple sentences in written and in spoken form and to use Polish in simple everyday situations (e.g. introducing yourself, saying thank you, doing shopping, ordering  a meal in a restaurant).

DEVELOPED BY: University of Opole  Faculty of Philology
LEVEL A0 (from European Framework of reference for languages)  online teaching – blended (synchronous + asynchronous), 2 ECTS 

The aim is to practice receptive skills such as the understanding of routine everyday written and spoken texts (buying a bus ticket, ordering a meal in a restaurant). First and foremost the attention is focused on the strategies needed to manage in these situations.